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How to Stop Poaching in Africa?

Stop Poaching in Africa Dead Rhino

Poaching is a lucrative business. For the African continent alone, poaching generates revenues estimated at a few hundred million dollars per year! So, the next obvious question is how to stop poaching in Africa? First off, before getting into the thick of things, what is poaching?

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Cecil of Zimbabwe, an Unknown Celebrity!

Cecil of Zimbabwe Walking

Now, let’s be honest, up until the news of the tragic death of Cecil the lion came out, you had never heard of Cecil of Zimbabwe! Don’t be embarrassed, because, apparently you are not alone! An overwhelming majority of the Zimbabweans, more than 99% of them were totally unaware of the existence of the famous lion Cecil!

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Save the Black Rhinoceros by Trophy Hunting?

Save the Black Rhinoceros Walking

Sound awkward… that to save the black rhinoceros you have to resort to trophy hunting! The Namibian government brought back into the news headlines, the controversy about rhinoceros hunting. They sold two hunting permits throughout an international auction. As a result, two wealthy American hunters bought the permits.

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