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Beach Holidays Review: Escape to Zanzibar

Beach Holidays Review Zanzibar Turquoise Water

The Zanzibar Discovery package is a 5-day vacation on the paradisiacal Zanzibar Island. Your vacation begins in Stone Town where you will spend two days strolling around the narrow streets. Then, the adventure continues for two more days in Mangapwani with a guided tour of a spice plantation.

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Botswana Review — Experience Botswana’s Marvels

Botswana Review Moroko Ride

In this Botswana safari, you will explore untamed regions of Botswana. Therefore, this adventure is specifically designed for all wildlife enthusiasts out there. This safari excursion is well suited for newbies as well as for seasoned adventurers of the Dark Continent. If you are looking for a different experience, then this safari is right up your alley.

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Kenya Active Safari Review – Experience the Best of Kenya

Kenya Active Safari Review Kenyan Wildlife

Your journey begins and ends in Nairobi. The duration of the trip is ten days fully packed with a wide variety of activities that includes, bush walks, hiking, biking, boating, and game drives to observe wildlife. First off, head out to your first destination, Crescent Island on Lake Naivasha by boat and meet along the way many hippopotamuses.

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G Adventures Tour Review: Local Living in Kenya

G Adventures Tour Review Tourist Making Fire

There are many types of safaris out there. Most people consider a safari to be solely about wildlife sightings. Well, let’s rectify that, shall we! There are other types of safaris, like for instance: a cultural safari, which offers a unique opportunity to learn about the lifestyles and cultures of other inhabitants of this world.

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G Adventures Review – Uganda & Gorillas Overland

G Adventures Review Mountain Gorilla

This Uganda & Gorillas Overland adventure is a 9-day safari package. This safari vacation is perfectly suited for the adventure seeker. You will explore the breathtaking landscapes of Uganda and admire the abundant and diverse wildlife from an overland truck. Also included with this safari package are 2 Chief Experience Officers (CEO) or tour guides, one driver, and one cook.

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Botswana Safari Review – Explore Africa’s Wonders…

Botswana Safari Review Elephants

Botswana is located in Southern Africa and surrounded by the following countries: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Namibia. Although the Kalahari Desert mostly covers Botswana’s territory, it encloses 2 of the most popular destinations: the Chobe National Park and of course, the Okavango Delta. Botswana offers the ultimate safari experience!

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Tanzania Safari Review – A Classic African Adventure

Tanzania Safari Review View of the Serengeti Park

Get ready for one of the best safari experiences on the African continent! Your trip spans over nine days. You arrive at the Kilimanjaro International Airport and then transfer to the city of Arusha where the adventure begins! During your safari adventure, you will visit 4 National Parks and enjoy wildlife viewing by going on game drives.

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