UDI 818A HD Drone Review — Best Drone for Beginners!

ProductUDI 818A HD Drone Review
ManufacturerUSA Toyz
Dimensions13 X 13 X 3 in
Weight4.6 ounces (130 g)
Guarantee30-Day against Manufacturer Defects
Where to BuyAmazon
Customer Rating4.1 out of 5
Front view of the box for the udi 818a hd drone.

Nowadays, drones are everywhere! Are you thinking about buying a drone (or quadcopter) for yourself or as a gift and don’t know where to start?

Well, you have come to the right place!

In this review, I looked closely at the UDI 818A HD drone with an HD camera from USA Toyz. The UDI 818A is an entry-level quadcopter perfect as the first drone for all beginners!

So, without further ado, let’s find out why:


  • 6-Axis Gyro Stability.
  • 2.4 GHz Transmitter with LCD, 4 Channel.
  • 2 MP HD Camera (1280 X 720p @ 30 FPS).
  • Rugged Plastic Frame.
  • Headless Mode.
  • Return Home Function.
  • LED Lights.
  • Upgraded 4GB Micro SD Card + USB Card Reader.
  • USB Power Bank (Bonus).
  • 2 LiPo Batteries.
  • 4 Extra Propeller Blades.
  • Low Battery Alarm.
  • Charging Time: 90-120 min.
  • Flight Time: 7-9 min.
Udi 818a hd drone review — udi 818a hd quadcopter with accessories.

First off, the 6-axis gyro stability feature makes the quadcopter more stable to fly. The UDI 818A HD drone is very easy to maneuver, reducing your learning curve significantly!

Whether you are a novice or a more experienced drone pilot, sooner or later, you will crash your drone sooner or later! Accidents are either part of the learning process or because you are attempting tricky stunts.

However, no worries, the UDI 818A quadcopter is made of a rugged protective plastic frame that can withstand crashes. USA Toyz has included with this drone as a bonus four extra propellers just in case of mishaps. You probably won’t need them, as the UDI 818A HD drone is so sturdy that it can take a beating.

The headless mode function helps reduce your learning curve considerably! How? As shown in the picture below, the drone can fly in any direction no matter which way the front is facing! So, if you move the throttle to the right, the quadcopter will go right, and so forth!

Udi 818a hd drone review — headless mode.

Furthermore, the UDI 818A drone has another cool gadget, the LED lights, allowing you to fly your UDI 818A HD drone at night!

Udi 818a hd drone review — night mode.

The return home function is among one of the best features offered on this quadcopter. Simply by the touch of one button, your drone will always find its way back to you! So, no more lost drones!

Moreover, because of the increased stability provided by the 6-axis flight control system, the HD camera can capture smooth and breathtaking videos!

Now, just don’t take my words for it. Watch the video below and see for yourself:

As you know, time flies when you are having fun! As a result, you might overestimate your flight time. However, the likelihood of having to retrieve your UDI 818A drone in a tree or a pond is a thing of the past!

The UDI 818A HD drone has a low battery alarm on the control. Therefore, a beeping sound lets you know when it’s time to charge the battery, which gives you ample time to bring back your quadcopter safely.

There are 2 flight modes available on the UDI 818A:

  • Beginner Mode: Designed for novice pilots. This mode offers increased gyro stability, enabling you to learn how to fly.
  • Advanced Mode: For the more experienced pilots. This setting allows you to attempt tricky stunts such as 360° flips or rolls with the simple touch of a button.



Quick learning curve.

No need to register with the FAA.

Easy to maneuver.

Sturdy protective frame.

Nighttime flight.


Stationary HD camera.

Tough to fly in windy conditions.

A Long charging time (90-120 min).

Since the UDI 818A quadcopter weighs less than 5 ounces (130 g), I strongly urge you NOT to fly the drone in gusty wind conditions! If you do, you will have a very hard time controlling the quadcopter since it will get pushed around by the wind due to its lightness.

The HD camera enables you to capture great HD videos as well as photos. However, because the camera is in a fixed or stationary position, you can only capture what is in front of the camera.

Of course, if you had an adjustable camera instead, you would be able to get panoramic views by smoothly moving the camera around and not the whole drone!

Since the UDI 818A is an entry-level drone, you are better off, in my opinion, with a stationary camera.

Remember, you need to learn how to fly the quadcopter first and not be distracted by fancy gadgets such as an adjustable camera.

One of the drawbacks of the UDI 818A quadcopter is its short flight time, which averages 7-9 min. However, this falls within the flight time range of most of the entry-level drones on the market.

To increase your flight time, USA Toyz has included as a bonus an extra battery and a USB Power Bank which enables you to charge your batteries on the go! Therefore, your flight time is more than double!

It’s Conclusive: The UDI 818A Is the Drone for Beginners.

I must admit, I am not a very skilled drone pilot, and if you are like me or have never flown a drone before, you need a quadcopter that is easy to operate and, above all, crash-proof!

Because, let’s face it, as a novice pilot, you will crash your drone. It’s all part of the learning process, but no worries, the UDI 818A quadcopter, with its sturdy frame, can take the abuse!

The UDI 818A has a Headless Mode as well as a Return Home Function, making this drone very easy to maneuver, resulting in a short learning curve!

Don’t spend a fortune on your first drone since its primary goal is to be used to learn how to fly. Avoid buying a very expensive drone with loads of gadgets.

You should opt for the best entry-level quadcopter instead for beginners on the market, the UDI 818A HD drone with an HD camera, which offers a great value for the price.

If you have inquiries about the UDI 818A HD drone or want to leave your own review, please drop me a line below.

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16 thoughts on “UDI 818A HD Drone Review — Best Drone for Beginners!”

  1. Wow this really does seem like a great beginner drone. I do a lot of hiking and backpacking and usually video all of my longer trips. I could get some really awesome shots with this. Sometimes I hike up around 11 or 12,000 feet. Do you know if altitude has any effect on how it flies?

    • I am as well a big fan of hiking and I never thought of using a drone to get a bird’s eye’s perspective of my adventures! What a great idea!

      No the altitude has no effect as far as I know on how the drone behaves.

      Thanks for dropping me a line,

      P.S: If you are an avid hiker, you should check this hiking website!

  2. Hi Sonia,

    I know that you said that this is the best drone for beginners, but would you say that it is child-friendly? My son is 8 years old, and he is fascinated with drones! So I have begun to research them so that I can find him one for Christmas. What do you think? I like that it is sturdy and comes with replacement parts, just in case. That’s a plus definitely.



    • I think that your son is fortunate! As for operating the UDI 818A HD Drone, USA Toyz’s manufacturer recommends a minimum age of 14 years old. So, since your son is only 8 years old, I would not recommend that you buy the UDI 818A HD Drone.

      Instead, I have a couple of options that are best suited for your son:

      The first option is the JJRC H36 Mini UFO Quadcopter, which has the headless mode, the return home function as well as LED lights for night flights!

      The second drone that you should consider buying is the JJRC H31 Drone, which has the same features as the previous drone except this drone is waterproof! Both drones are recommended for children of 8 years old and up.

      Don’t hesitate if you need further assistance or have others questions.

  3. My friend has a drone, and it has been great fun to see him fly it about.

    While I want one also, I always get put off because of the short flight time. I see this drone comes with a bonus battery and USB Power Bank thing. Is this power bank something that I can charge in the car? I am trying to figure out how best to increase flight time, other than just buying loads of batteries and charging them up in advance.

    Would the power bank be able to connect to an in-car cigarette charger? Or is it only designed to work from a household wall socket?


    • Well, buying loads of extra batteries end up being expensive in the long run! Your best option, in my opinion, is the USB Power Bank! And Yes, you should be able to charge the USB Power Bank through your cigarette charger in your car. All you need is the universal adapter for the cigarette charger!


  4. Hi there,

    Great article with lots of useful info. I do like the look of this drone, the UDI 818A! I’m not sure what I would use one for, but I’d like to find a use so I can get me a gadget!

    I wonder, with all these air vehicles flying around, do some areas have restrictions or do you need a drone license?

    • Since the UDI 818A is for recreational purposes, you are not required to have a drone pilot license. Also, there is no need to register this drone with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). Click here to get all the details from the FAA about their regulations.

  5. Hi Sonia,

    I like your review of the UDI 818A drone. I’m a novice, and I think this drone will be the perfect option and a step up from my Ominus as a training drone. I really want to purchase a DJI P4, but I would hate to spend $1400 and crash or lose the DJI. However, I think the UDI 818A will be the perfect option before dropping down a huge amount of hard-earned cash.

    My only question is how does the camera perform?



    • You are right, and you should start up with the UDIU 818A drone and learn how to fly a drone before spending a considerable chunk of your savings on the DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter, which is an awesome drone!

      As for the HD camera of the 818A drone, it’s a 2 MP camera (1280X720p @ 30 FPS). You get good-quality photos and smooth video footage. This quadcopter has an excellent camera. Remember, this drone is designed for learning how to fly. Once you have reached the hang of it, you can buy a better, more high-tech drone like the DJI P4, which has a 4K camera!

      If you have other questions, please drop m a line. I will be glad to assist you in any way I can.


  6. Awesome review of the Drone! I’m interested in buying one this holiday season and my budget is around $300 or less.

    In your opinion is the best drone under $300 or do you have other reviews I can check out?

    I don’t want to waste money, so I’d like to hear your expert opinion before making the investment.

    Any help is appreciated!

    • Even though you have a budget of $300 for buying a drone; I don’t think that you need to spend that much money to get an awesome drone.

      As for which drone you should get, it all depends on your skill level.

      If you are a beginner and never had a drone before, you should buy the UDI 818A HD Drone. Another cool drone for beginners also under $100 is the GoolRC T5W Drone with 2.0MP HD Camera.

      If you are an intermediate/expert drone pilot, then you should opt for the Potensic T25 Quadcopter, which is under $200 at Amazon.

      These would be my picks…

      Hope it helps.

  7. I agree that drones are popping up everywhere; it seems like every sale ad for a lot of different stores have some type of drone in it. Honestly, I would have no idea where to begin if I were looking for a drone.

    Such a review like this is perfect for someone like me who has no idea where to find something that is good quality for the price. Is the price for this particular drone about average? Are there better products on the market for a more reasonable price?

    • Of course, there are less expensive quadcopters on the market, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. These drones can’t withstand crashes and are often damaged after a little accident. Therefore, you might have to buy a new drone each time you have a mishap! In my opinion, you are better off with the 818A HD Drone.

      When looking to purchase a drone, there are a few things that you need to take into account: your budget, durability, and the learning curve. The UDI 818A drone is affordable, rugged and easy to operate!

      If you are a beginner looking to buy your first drone, the UDI 818A HD drone with an HD camera is an excellent choice. The price is less than $100, which falls within the range of an entry-level drone.

      Hope its help,


  8. Hello,

    I am a bit new to the whole drone thing but happen to find them fascinating.

    After reading about the UDI 818A HD drone here, I believe I’ve talked myself into getting one.

    I do have a question about it first, though.

    I wonder can you get an attachment or something for it so that you can see in the dark and as well as something for thermal imaging.

    Thank you for the review and for taking the time to answer my questions, Hopefully.



    • The UDI 818A drone is equipped with LED lights, so you will be able to see the drone when you fly it at night. Watch the video within the post, and where you will see the 818A HD Quadcopter doing a night flight.

      To answer your question, adding any devices to the 818A Quadcopter is not recommended. This drone is lightweight, and the motor is not designed to carry extra weight. If you add, as you mention, a device for thermal imaging, you run the risk of burning out the engine of the drone.



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