Kruger Park Safari Review — The Big Five Experience

ProductKruger Park Safari Review
CountrySouth Africa
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Duration5 Days
Group Size2-8
Safari Tour OperatornDzuti Safari Camp
Children PolicyChildren under 6 Are Allowed with the Parent’s Supervision or with Guardian
My Rating:9.5 out of 10
Kruger park safari review — photo montage of the big animals of africa.

There’s nothing like seeing lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, and buffalos. But most safaris only offer a glimpse of these animals. If you’re planning a vacation soon and want a unique safari experience, check out my review below, where I took a closer look at the Kruger Park safari package from nDzuti Safari Camp.

The Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is one of the most famous parks in South Africa and is located in the Limpopo Province. It covers over 2 million hectares and is home to some of the largest wildlife populations in the world.

The park is part of the Greater Kruger Ecosystem, extending into neighboring Mozambique and Swaziland. It is one of the few places where white rhinos roam freely in the wild.

The park has three main sections – the Kruger National Park Main Camp, Hluhluwe/Imfolozi Game Reserve, and Phinda Private Nature Reserve. Each area offers something unique and exciting to do. You can spend days exploring different park locations, taking in nature’s sights, sounds, and smells.

Kruger park safari review — map of the kruger national park showing the rest camps, south africa.

Game Drives in the Kruger Park

Game drives are great ways to experience nature up close. They allow you to view animals in their natural habitats.

There are three types of game drives available in the Kruger National Park. These include the Big 5 game drive, the Lion & Leopard game drive, and the Rhino & Hippo game drive. Each of these offers a unique experience requiring a slightly different level of preparation.

For example, the Big 5 game drive is suitable for those who are comfortable driving off-road. On the other hand, the Lion & Leopard drive is better suited for people who prefer to sit inside the vehicle and enjoy the scenery. Finally, the Rhino & Hippo drive is ideal for those who don’t mind getting dirty. Regardless of which game drive you choose, prepare yourself properly beforehand.

As I mentioned above, several game drives are offered in the park, the best known is the Big 5 Game Drive (lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and Cape buffalos). This game drive takes place in open 4×4 vehicles and lasts, on average, about three hours. You will never know what animal you might spot, but it is guaranteed that you will see something unique. So don’t forget to bring your camera to capture those memorable wildlife sightings.

The Maseke Game Reserve

The nDzuti Safari Camp is within the Maseke game reserve, which is located in the Northern area of the Balule Game reserve in the Kruger National Park.

The Maseke game reserve is one of South Africa’s premier game reserves. It has been named after the Maseke people who lived here before Europeans arrived.

Today, the Maseke reserve is home to more than 200 mammals, including the rare black-backed jackalope and the endangered Cape mountain zebra, as well as birds, reptiles, and so much more.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the safari package from nDzuti Safari camp:

Overview of the Kruger Safari Experience

Day 1: Welcome to South Africa!

The first day of your trip begins with you arriving at the campsite in the Maseke Game Reserve. You will arrive at the reserve around noon and check into your luxurious safari tent or two-room chalet.

After lunch, you will set off for your first game drive, which takes place at sunset, during which you will have your first glimpse at the big five animals and the rich birdlife within the Greater Kruger area.

After dark, you will return to the lodge and enjoy dinner together in the Boma or Dining Pavilion.

Day 2: Game Drives

The second day begins with a greeting by a traditional African drum beat calling the guests into a light breakfast. Then, you will meet your guide and head off for a 3-hour game drive.

Another game drive awaits you after lunch, enabling you to see more of the African wildlife roaming in the Kruger National park.

Kruger park safari review — leopard resting in a tree in the kruger national park, south africa.
Wegmann, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Day 3: Walking Safari

The third day starts with an early morning game drive exploring areas of this 8000-hectare traverse within the Greater Kruger National Park, looking for new species and varied landscapes.

After breakfast, your guide will take you for a guided bushwalk along the banks of the Oliphant River. Walking safaris are great if you want to learn about nature without worrying about getting too close to animals. They are a great way to experience nature without being overwhelmed by it.

As you explore the Oliphant River area, you will learn more about the flora and fauna and the area’s rich history. You will also learn about the local medicine and the use of certain plants in the traditional healing system.

You will return to the campsite late afternoon. The tea will be served on arrival, and the nDzuty Camp’s staff will prepare the dinner. Then, you can relax and unwind around the fire pit while listening to the sounds of nature and enjoying coffee and dessert.

Day 4: Full Immersion into the Kruger National Park

You will head out of the Maseke game reserve via the eastern gate, passing the Lebombo mountains and heading southwards to reach the Letaba Dam. Here you will stop for a picnic breakfast and admire the view.

Then after breakfast, you will follow the road towards the Letaba village and the Elephant Museum. This museum offers a glimpse into the life of elephants and includes exhibits about elephant behavior, conservation, and history.

You will return to the campsite later in the afternoon for dinner and overnight.

Day 5: Farewell Kruger National Park and South Africa!

All good things must come to an end, unfortunately. So this is the last day of your adventure. You will go for the final game drive, followed by breakfast, before bidding farewell to your host and heading back home.


You’ll be staying in a comfortable air-conditioned safari tent or two-room chalet with all the amenities (toilets, showers, electricity, etc.).

Who Is This Safari Adventure Suited For?

The Kruger National Park is one of South Africa’s most popular tourist destinations. With over 5 million visitors per year, it’s no wonder why. But what makes this park unique is that it offers something for everyone.

The Kruger National Park is home to some of the world’s largest mammals, and it’s also home to many smaller creatures.

The Kruger Park Safari is perfect for families, small groups, and solo travelers.

The group size is between 2-8 people, which is relatively small. Consequently, you could very well end up being just you and your family on a private safari!

What’s Included and NOT?

6 Exciting Game Drives.The Maseke Game Reserve Conservation Levy (15 USD or 250 ZAR  per Stay).
A Day Tour in Kruger National Park.Drinks from the Bar and on Game Drives.
A Bushwalk with a Knowledgeable and Armed Guide.
Services of a Knowledgeable Guide.
4 Nights of Accommodation.
Daily Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.
Park Fees.

Don’t Just Take my Words for It!

All the customer reviews for the Kruger Park Safari give it two thumbs up! I have not seen one negative customer review about this safari package.

Moreover, all the customers’ reviews about the Kruger Park Safari can be summarized by the following statements:

  • A warm welcome.
  • Very knowledgeable guides offer an unforgettable safari experience.
  • Very comfortable camps.
  • The food is excellent.
  • Plenty of wildlife sightings.

So, the Final Verdict is… Absolutely!

In conclusion, the Kruger Park Safari offers a truly memorable experience for travelers who want to spend quality time with nature while also doing something exciting and educational.

The nDzuti Safari camp takes care of all the details, and the best part is that their safari tour package includes expert guides who know exactly where to point you toward the animals you want to see. They also know how to keep their clients safe, ensuring everyone enjoys their Kruger National park adventure.

Furthermore, this Kruger tour package is an excellent choice for families who want to experience the beauty of South Africa without breaking the bank.

Finally, the nDzuti Safari Camp has earned its reputation for quality service over the years. Hence, this is why I highly recommend booking your adventure with them if you truly want to immerse yourself in the African wilderness.

If you have any questions or would like to share your review or African experience, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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My name is Sonia, a traveler enthusiast and the CEO of Wildlife Safari Adventures. My goal with Wildlife Safari Adventures is to provide insightful information to help you better plan your African travels. Are you ready to uncover the many facets of the Dark Continent?

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  1. I would love to visit the Kruger National Park. I’ve always wanted to go on a genuine safari, and the one you show here in this review looks and sounds incredible.

    Perhaps I will put it on my list of places to visit with my wife. I truly like the video, and I agree with your positive verdict for the Kruger Park Safari. I will eventually make it to South Africa and will certainly take your advice when I get there.

    Thank you so much for the great information!!

  2. Hi Sonia

    l have been to Safaris but only in East Africa, it’s something l promised myself I will have to do one more time in my life.

    Nothing beats seeing the elephants grazing in the wild or watching the lions hunting for dinner.

    After reading your post, I’m convinced more than never, that I need to save up and visit Kruger National Park to experience a safari to remember.

    I just find that they do not offer enough game drives (according to your post). I think that there should be a morning game drive as well as an evening game drive. Consequently, a three-day safari should have five game drives.

    Thanks so much for the info

    • The safari tour operator, which is Tydon African Safaris offers the possibility to custom make your own trip.

      So if you want to go on more game drives, this is something that can be arranged. When planning your safari vacation with Tydon African Safaris, let them know about your preferences, and they will do their very best to put together the safari of your dream!


  3. Hi there Sonia,

    This article reminded me of my friend’s trip to South Africa couple years ago. They traveled in a small group of 4 people and they showed me pictures of lions and elephants taken up close.

    What really stood out to me was the camp that was set up for them. They are in their 50’s and they had hotel quality beds made for them inside the tent. It was also air-conditioned and with proper toilets too (at least that’s what they told me).

    I was like WOW – I have got to try one of these sometime in my life. I have never seen a lion up close, much less sleep on a bed in a safari setting 🙂

    • You should put a safari adventure on your bucket list! If you are looking for more inspiration about what to do on your safari excursion, then take a look at some awesome bucket list ideas, here.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story.

  4. Hi Sonia,

    I enjoyed the read! Obviously the animals, in the Kruger Park Safari aren’t very safe, but how safe is it for North Americans to travel there? Is one able to fly into the Safari, or does this require a drive from the airport? Overall, it looks like the trip of a lifetime! Thanks for sharing.


    • It’s very safe to go to the Kruger National Park for a safari. You need, of course, to use some common sense and follow simple rules, such as keeping your limbs inside the car!

      Many safari packages for the Kruger National Park are all-inclusive. Therefore, the safari tour company will pick you up from the airport. However, if you decide to customize your own safari package, you will need to drive yourself to the safari park in question.

      The safari package that I reviewed here is all-inclusive, so you don’t have to worry about how to get to the Kruger Park.

  5. I read your article about the Kruger Park safari. I should say that is very much interesting for me. I have been thinking about going to Kruger Park for a very long time. You have pretty much covered all the required details that I have been looking for. You have also answered all the questions that I had in my mind. One important question that I had was about accomodations and I got it after reading your article.

    • The Kruger National Park is definitely one of the most sought-after destinations in South Africa.

      Instead of going with a more traditional way of lodging, which is a hotel room, have you ever considered booking a bed & breakfast? The B&Bs are less expensive than hotels and located closer to many of the landmarks visited by tourists. If you’re interested in learning more about Bed and Breakfast in South Africa, read my post here.

  6. Wow! Traveling to Africa and seeing the Big Five animals are bucket-list worthy adventures of a lifetime!

    I love to travel! I get excited to go away for a weekend for a sporting tournament! From weekend road trips through my home state of Michigan to traveling across the country for a few weeks, seeing the sights and visiting family, I’ll go anywhere.

    Twice, I have spent six weeks backpacking through Europe. The first time as a 19-year-old, sleeping on train cars and living on loaves of bread to stretch the shoestring budget. The second time, a bit more in style, I traveled with my mother, as far south as Spain, all the way up to Norway. These trips helped shape who I am today, providing me with an up-close look at how different people from all over the world live.

    A trip to Africa is definitely on the traveling wish-list. Thank you for providing clear and concise information in regards to a trip to South Africa to safari and see the animals of the land. An all-inclusive trip is exactly what I would be interested in!

    • By the look of it, you seem to be quite an adventure seeker! Thanks for sharing your adventures.

      And you’re right, traveling is a learning experience that allows you to discover a different way of living and learn about other cultures, which give you a new perspective on life. I highly recommend it!

  7. This looks like a great experience. I have a couple questions – how safe is this? It seems like you are right there with the animals – are there any issues with the animals getting too close to the vehicle? Second question – what do you feel is the minimum age for a child to experience this? My daughter is 5 – I’m thinking she would have to be a little older for this.

    • It’s quite safe to go on a safari. Before leaving for a game drive, you will be given a safety briefing and rules to follow around wildlife. During the game drive, you have to be quiet because animals have excellent hearing and might hear you. Keep your limbs inside the vehicles, and avoid sudden movements in the vicinity of wild animals because animals will attack only if they feel threatened! If you use common sense and follow these simple rules. You enjoy an amazing safari experience!

      As for bringing your daughter on a safari, I think she’s a bit young for this, but before you book your safari, ask the safari company if they have an age restriction. Usually, most safari operators won’t accept children below 10-12 years old. Also, when you’re going on game drives, keep in mind that you have to sit still and cannot talk for long periods… Kids being a bundle of joy, might find this quite difficult to achieve…

      There are safari companies that offer a safari club for children, so while you’re going on game drives, the kids stay at the camp and learn about flora and fauna through different activities. If you want to find out more, you should take a look at this: Family Safari in Africa, where I talked about different safari options for a family vacation.


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