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What Are the Traditional Foods of Tanzania?

Traditional Foods of Tanzania typical meal

Tanzania is well-known for being the destination of choice to see the big five animals (lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos, and rhinoceros) and especially for a first safari experience. However, do you have any idea of what to expect at mealtime? Can you name the traditional foods of Tanzania? If not, keep reading!

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Beach Holidays Review: Escape to Zanzibar

Beach Holidays Review Zanzibar Turquoise Water

The Zanzibar Discovery package is a 5-day vacation on the paradisiacal Zanzibar Island. Your vacation begins in Stone Town where you will spend two days strolling around the narrow streets. Then, the adventure continues for two more days in Mangapwani with a guided tour of a spice plantation.

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Amazing Facts about the Zebras – Who Painted the Stripes?

Amazing Facts about the Zebras_Zebras Drinking Water

What an emblematic animal? Who doesn’t know about the zebra with its black and white stripes? Because of its resemblance to horses, the zebra is also described as a striped horse! The zebra belongs to the Equidae family, which includes the horse, the donkey, and the wild ass. As opposed to horses and mules the zebras cannot be domesticated.

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