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Tanzania Wildlife Safaris – Eye-Popping Adventure!

Tanzania wildlife safaris are the ideal destination for a first safari adventure.

There is a broad array of wildlife spread across the Tanzanian landscape. The countryside includes mountainous terrain, tropical rainforests, endless plains, and savannahs.

One of the most prestigious landmarks is Mount Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa.

Tanzania Wildlife Safaris Mount Kilimanjaro

The Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater are the most popular attractions of Tanzania. However, other venues are quite worthy to be included in your safari vacation. Among them, you have the Tarangire National Park and the Lake Manyara National Park.

Here is an overview of some of the best places to visit for a memorable safari experience in Tanzania.

So, without any further ado, here is your first stop!

The Ngorongoro Crater

The Ngorongoro Crater is the largest volcanic caldera in the world. The crater harbors a high concentration and a diverse array of wildlife. It is well-known for its game viewing drives of the Big Five.

The Serengeti National Park

Tanzania harbors sixteen National Parks. One of them is, the Serengeti National Park. The park contains the greatest concentration of wildlife. Moreover, the park is the siege of the Great Migration.

The migration of the wildebeests coincides with the seasonal pattern of rainfall and grass growth. The rainy season begins in mid-November up until early May.

The Great Migration in a Nutshell!

The Great Migration occurs between the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya and the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. It involves the movement of a tremendous amount of wildlife.

In fact, more than 1 million wildebeests, 200,000 zebras, and 18,000 antelopes journey between Kenya and Tanzania.

The migration spans over the months of November to July.

The calving season is in full swing by the end of January and reaches its peak around the second and third week of February. Therefore, there are more than 400,000 calves that are born during the Wildebeest Migration!

So, they need to learn how to walk or rather to run swiftly to follow the herd! Hence, about 24 hours after their birth, the calves can walk, then a short time after, they can run alongside their mothers.

Mara River Crossing
From Vikram Sathyanathan Creative Commons License

By the end of June, the wildebeests arrive at their destination, which is either the Serengeti Park or the Ngorongoro Crater.

Finally, when the Serengeti plains dry out during July, the wildlife starts their journey back to the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya.

Mara River Crossing

One of the highlights of the Great Migration is without a doubt the crossing of the Mara River. The wildebeests are at the mercy of the crocodiles and other predators awaiting them.

Each year, about 200,000 wildebeests perish during the migration. These casualties are due to drownings, stampedes, diseases, predators, and overexertion because some of them are too weak to undertake the Great Migration successfully.

The Tarangire National Park

The Tarangire National Park is in the vicinity of the Lake Manyara in the Manyara region. The park was named after the River Tarangire that crosses the park.

The scenery of the Tarangire National Park includes Baobab trees, grasslands, and termite mounds! The deserted termite mounds are often the refuge of the Dwarf Mongoose!

The Park is the home to a large herd of elephants. Apart from the elephants, the other residents of the Tarangire National Park are the tree-climbing lions, the olive baboons, the giraffes, and the waterbucks.

The Tarangire National Park encloses more than 550 species of birds. So, bird lovers keep your eyes peeled and binoculars nearby!

Lake Manyara National Park

The Lake Manyara National Park is to the south of the Serengeti Park and the Ngorongoro Crater.

The Lake Manyara is a shallow and alkaline lake that covers approximately 70% of the park. The lake has a breathtaking backdrop, which is the Rift Valley escarpment!

Do you know the origin of the name of the lake? The lake was named after a hedge plant known to the Maasai people as the “Emanyara,” hence the name of the lake!

The park encompasses a vast diversity of ecosystems such as floodplains, acacia woodlands, and of course, the Rift Valley escarpment.

A rich birdlife comprising more than 350 bird species is present throughout the park.


The fauna of the park includes the tree-climbing lions, the baboons, the hippos, the giraffes, the wildebeests, and the warthogs only to name a few.


Tanzania is amongst the most popular destination for a safari on the African continent. The Serengeti National Park is the host of the wildebeest migration. The Ngorongoro Crater harbors the largest population of mammals on earth!

Still, other National Parks are gaining in notoriety and worth a visit. Here are a few destinations that stand out. The first one is the Tarangire Park with its impressive number of elephants. The second one is the Lake Manyara National Park with the dramatic Rift Valley escarpment!

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  1. Wow, Tanzanian is so beautiful, people are so lucky who lives over there and I so jealous because even I want to live in Tanzania.

    • Hi Jack,

      You’re right Tanzania is beautiful with a lot to offer! You should put Tanzania on your bucket list, not as destination visit but to stay!


  2. A safari looks like an incredible adventure. I’m not sure I could ever actually take one, amazing as they look. I’m sure there’s a huge range, but what type of price range are you looking at for a safari to Tanzania? I’m sure it varies by time of year, the length of stay, and accommodations, but I’d love some basic information.

    • Hi Mike,

      If you are thinking of going one day on a safari adventure in Tanzania, you must take a look at my full review about a Safari in Tanzania. This safari package is from REI Adventures. As for the price, since it is always subject to change without any notice, I highly recommend that you read my Tanzania Safari review, and from there visit the REI Adventures for up-to-date details about pricing.


  3. Tanzania Safari is such an incredible experience that has to be seen to be believed. The sheer number of herd animals, the powerful predators, the amazing scenery that takes your breath away. Do yourself a favor, and visit Tanzania if you haven’t already.

    Top a safari off with a visit to Zanzibar for the whitest sand and the clearest water.

    Highly recommend!

  4. Hi Sonia,

    I live in South Africa and I am impressed with the beauty that my neighbouring country like Tanzania, which has a lot to offer. Perhaps, I am so wrapped up in the mundane duties and stresses of my life, that I don’t take the time to look up and see life through a different lens. Your site, has certainly grabbed my attention since I consider myself to be an adventurer seeker!

    I have bookmaked your site, and I will definitely be referring to it in due course. By the way, I love the Widebeest migration video. I would like to see the wildlife in their own habitat. I hope that I will be able to go on a safari adventure in a near future….



    • Hi Roopesh,
      Tanzania has breathtaking landscapes. One thing that I have on my wish list is to observe the wildebeest migration from the air by going on hot-air-balloon safari, it gives you a different perspective!

      If you are interested in going on a safari in Tanzania, you should take a look at my Tanzania Safari Review by clicking here.


  5. Hi Sonia,

    I like your site. It is very informative and encouraging. I have always wanted to travel to Africa. Recently I received an invitation to Zambia.

    One of these days my visit to Africa could just happen. You have given me much interest in the Okavango Delta. It seems quite spectacular.

    Keep up the good work. My regards and all the best.

    I will visit again.

  6. Wow the Tanzania wildlife looks amazing, truly an inspiring place to be I’m sure. Have you ever explored it yourself? I’d love to go one day and explore Africa, and not just the Wildlife, but the urban life too, I bet that would be cool!

    I think it’s weird that all those animals travel from Kenya, I wonder why that is?

    • As I explained, the reason why the wildebeest and zebras and other wildlife undertake this journey, known as the great migration is because they’re following the food source! They’re always looking for greener pastures and also they’re following the seasons: rain and dry season.

      It’s the same with the migrating birds, why are they leaving in the fall? It’s because they’re going to a warmer climate, yes, but, most importantly where they can find food! It’s all a question of survival!

  7. Wow!! You’ve just made me add Tanzania safari to my bucket list. It is such a beautiful place and I must visit with my family asap. I really enjoyed your website and watching the video where the wildebeest protected her baby from the big cat. My maternal instincts were just firing and raring to go. How are accommodations there? Do you have any idea? Thanks for such an enlightening post.

    • Hi Bisco,

      You’re right, a safari in Tanzania should definitely be at the top of the bucket list! If you’re looking for an African adventure with your family, Tanzania is the ideal destination. You should check my Tanzania Safari Review, here.

      As for the accommodations, it all depends on your budget and the type of safari that you have selected! But, in general, you’ll be staying in safari lodges or luxury camps with all the amenities.



  8. Hey great info!! I have always been planning on going to Africa, and finally you gave me great ideas, perfect site, will keep in touch to check your other posts.

    • Hi Daniel,
      Well, Tanzania is definitely the ideal destination as your first safari adventure! And the most popular attractions for tourists are definitely the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater for game viewing drives. Please visit on a regular basis as I will be adding more information in the future!


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