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Paramount Wildlife Photography Tips for Beginners

Wildlife Photography Tips for Beginners Eagles

For many people, going on a safari is on their bucket list and constitutes a once in a lifetime opportunity. Of course, you want to do it right by capturing your safari experience as best as you can. However, you feel a bit intimidated by the task ahead since you are a novice at wildlife photography.

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Tips for a Safari – Do’s and Don’ts

Tips for a Safari Wild Dogs in the Kruger Park

A safari is, for many, an adventure of a lifetime, a unique experience. However, keep in mind, that like everything else in life, a safari has an Etiquette that you must adhere to, a set of rules and regulations that need to be followed to get the most out of your safari experience and most importantly, stay safe.

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Plan Ahead for a Successful African Safari Vacation

African Safari Vacations to Do List

Then, you should go on an African safari vacation! Since there are so many choices out there when it comes to selecting a safari package as well as finding the lodging best suited for you. So, I thought it would be wise to outline a checklist to help you navigate through the process of planning your safari adventure.

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